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P6 Top Scorer Full Classes

P6 Top Scorer Full Classes

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We are as concerned as you. And we hear you. PSLE is a crucial year - the make it or break it exam. You want to ensure that you do not have any regrets left behind of knowing that you could have helped your child more. 

Let us help in gearing up your child for the PSLE. We are here each step of the way. 

Our Classes

Math, Science, English & Chinese Small Group Classes as well as 1-1 for all of our students. Each small group class is capped at 6 pax to ensure maximum focus and attention given to each child. 

Our Class Structures

For Small Group Classes: you can pick from physical or online zoom classes. 

For Physical classes, they would be at our classrooms which are 5 mins walk from Kovan MRT. Materials and class notes would be prepared for them in advance and passed to them in class. For Zoom classes, we would deliver the notes over to your doorstep so that your child can do along class. Also we would be using ClassKick platform to monitor students' workings and their overall progress. These reports are available for you to see as well. 

For 1-1 Classes: you can pick from physical at our classroom / at your house or online zoom classes. 

Students will be able to access our library of notes and tutors will tailor additional practices based on students' weaker areas. 

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